Mass Ministries

Mass Coordinators

The goal of this ministry is to ensure appropriate coverage at each Mass. The Mass coordinator sets up for the Mass, prepares the vessels, and coordinates the ushers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, and altar servers. This ministry also handles any special needs for each mass and ensures communications to each involved with the Mass. By having the Mass Coordinator fill this role, the priest can focus his attention on the spiritual preparations for the Mass.
For more information, contact Bob Eilertson.


Eucharistic Minister

Come, give a part of yourself to a Eucharistic Minister. "Eucharist" means to give thanks. It is Christ himself that we give thanks for. We give thanks for the Gift of himself to us. As a Eucharistic Minister you serve the deep hunger people have to be nourished by the risen Christ.
"Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his presence continually." Psalm 105 Verse 4
This is what draws us to the Eucharist, this is our ministry.
For more information, contact Dave Langer.


Eucharistic Minister for the Homebound

For more information, contact the Parish Office at 223-4577.


When you answer the call to be a minister of the word, you enter into a deeper relationship with God revealed in sacred scripture. You take upon yourself the duty and responsibility of bringing the printed word to life for those in attendance at the mass. The ability to effectively proclaim the oftentimes complex, ancient, and sacred scriptures in a manner, which allows the listeners to more clearly grasp the intended message, is very important to the celebration of the mass. We are always looking for individuals who hear this call and if you are such a person we invite you to come forward.
For more information, contact Jim Lyons.



The ushers at St. Francis help guide the parishioners in the mass. They seat the congregation, take up the collection, and see that everyone that wants to goes to communion. During the mass they give information to visitors, greet the parishioners, take care of any problems that occur, and work to make the celebrant's job easier. There are six ushers at each mass (high school age and above). Husband and wife teams are welcome.
For more information, contact Rob Mauritz.



The greeters ensure that all are welcome as people enter the church. This helps to set the tone for the liturgy and worship service. The only requirement is the ability to be friendly to all who enter St. Francis of Assisi for worship. This is a great opportunity to see familiar faces and make new friends. Hospitality and welcoming are essential to our faith lives.


Gift Bearer

For more information contact the Parish Office at 223-4577.


For more information contact the Parish Office at 223-4577.