Rev. Ray McHenry
ext. 109
Rev. Mark McGeary
Associate Pastor
ext. 107
Deacon Bill Richer
Pastoral Associate
ext. 110
Director of Operations
ext. 112
Katie Evans
Communications Coordinator
ext. 131
Monica Lihs
HR Coordinator
ext. 114
Sheila Timmerman
Administrative Assistant
ext. 100
Pam Danzer
ext. 102
Ann Jones Parish Receptionist ext. 134 Email Ann
Deb Muse
ext. 113
Emily Schmid
Director of Music
ext. 105
Molly Stempin Special Needs Ministry Coordinator ext. 155 Email Molly
Kim Mallisee Newcomer/Volunteer Coordinator ext. 106 Email Kim
Rebecca Bahl Nursery Coordinator ext. 132 Email Rebecca
Jon Aldrich Interim School Principal ext. 160 Email Jon
Gretchen Watznauer Assistant Principal ext. 153 Email Gretchen
Tammy Myers Pre-School Director ext. 116 Email Tammy
Christen Cota Faith Formation Director ext. 156 Email Christen
Heather Rohe Faith Formation Administrative Assistant ext. 121 Email Heather
Faye Akers
Adult Faith Formation & RCIA Director
ext. 104
Christy Peletz
High School Faith Formation Coordinator
ext. 103
Sarah Drey
Youth Faith Formation Asst. Director
ext. 157
Chris Van Kirk
Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator
ext. 154
Jill Alonzo
Early Childhood Faith Formation Coordinator
ext. 158
Heather Gunson Kids Care Director ext. 314 Email Heather
Kelli Stone Kids Care Assistant Director ext. 314 Email Kelli