Worship and Spirituality

The Worship and Spirituality Committee initiates and coordinates those activities in the parish which pertain to the celebration of the liturgy of the Church and the spiritual growth of the members. There are several areas of responsibility: liturgy planning, music ministry, liturgical ministries, R.C.I.A., faith-sharing opportunities, and liturgical art and environment. For any additional questions please contact the parish office at 223-4577.

Music Ministry - The music groups here at St. Francis provide an opportunity for all ages to share their musical gifts and in doing so enhance our liturgy. We have an adult choir, contemporary choir, teen choir, ensemble, and children's choir. We also have several opportunities for cantors and instrumentalists. For more information contact Angie Murphy, our Music Director at 223-4577 ext. 105 or email her at amurphy@saintfrancischurch.org

Art and Environment - The Art and Environment Committee plans and implements the liturgical decorations for the parish, decorates the altar, cares for the interior plants and flowers, and prepares the home kits in preparation for special liturgical seasons. Help is always welcome for the variety of tasks this committee performs. For more information click here.

Mass Coordinators - The goal of this ministry is to ensure appropriate coverage at each Mass. The Mass coordinator sets up for the Mass, prepares the vessels, and coordinates the ushers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, and altar servers. This ministry also handles any special needs for each mass and ensures communications to each involved with the Mass. By having the Mass Coordinator fill this role, the priest can focus his attention on the spiritual preparations for the Mass. For more information contact the parish office. For the Mass Coordinators Schedule (new schedule forthcoming).

Eucharistic Minister - As an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, lay people serve the Church by distributing Holy Communion during Mass and possibly serving the homebound. The process to follow to become a Eucharistic minister is practice your Catholic faith through a prayerful relationship with God; receive the sacraments regularly; attend a training session; sign up to serve at certain Masses throughout the year; arrive at Mass early when you are serving as a Eucharistic minister so that you can prepare spiritually. Contact the parish office for additional information.

Lector - A lector proclaims the first and second readings of the Mass which assists the congregation in understanding the Gospel message. Becoming a lector is a serious decision and commitment to your faith and parish. All lectors must attend a training session where Work Books are provided for studying readings prior to Mass. The parish office can be contacted for information. Click here to view Lector Duties.

Usher - The ushers at St. Francis help guide the parishioners in the Mass. They seat the congregation, take up the collection, and see that everyone who wishes to receive communion is able to do so. During the Mass they give information to visitors, greet the parishioners, take care of any problems that occur, and work to make the celebrant's job easier. There are six ushers at each Mass (high school age and above). Husband and wife teams are welcome. For more information contact the parish office.